christopher mohsA native of Minnesota, Christopher is a foodie, strategist, and creative.

Christopher has a unique approach to marketing and operational direction. Leveraging the power of emerging technologies and advanced business processes, he is able to get at the core of what drives user and consumer intent and drives business and organizational growth. He works with numerous clients across the country growing their businesses and helping them tackle new frontiers in the digital world.

Although many recognize him for his culinary skills, it is a talent that took center stage later in life. Professionally, Christopher works as a marketing and business strategist and it wasn’t until later in life that he discovered a love for the culinary arts. He began whipping up new and interesting takes on old classics and a following for his creations began.

Christopher had many influences over the years that impact his professional and culinary style. From a heritage rooted deep in German and Norwegian ancestry, to travels that bring touches from all over the world his creations reflect a flare for classic, home-grown ideas paired with international inspiration.

After making the move to New York, Christopher began work on his first book “Great Eats! In A New York Minute, Or Two.” After the release of this book, a line of spice blends was introduced and the world of Christopher Michael Lostegaard Mohs continues to grow with new books and great projects.

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